GBAA Board Member and Home Depot Assistant Manager of Aircraft Maintenance, Gerry Ferriss, had the opportunity to represent business/corporate aviation at the 2nd ERAU NBAA OSG (Official Student Group) meeting in Daytona Beach. The speakers, seven representatives from various parts of the industry, were able to get up and speak about respective careers and five main points:

(a) Our background

(b) How we got into corporate aviation

(c) How our company is coping in this economy

(d) How students can prepare for the field of corporate aviation

(e) How students can stand out in the challenging corporate aviation market today

The speakers were then able to participate in a group panel discussion with questions ranging from mentoring to networking and aviation involvement. The event was well attended by both students and faculty from various aviation disciplines, maintenance, flight and business management.

Among the main goals of the ERAU NBAA OSG are:

a) To support the mission and motives of the National Business Aviation Association

b) To research and exemplify various aspects

c) To provide greater exposure for corporate aviation within Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University by networking and attending industry events.

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